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Muntok/Thrusday, December 27, 2018

Pesanggrahan Menumbing tourism area as the first Vice President Mohammad Hatta was exiled by the Dutch for approximately 6 months, between December 1948 to July 1949, has been electrified through planting cable of a 5.7 Kilometres starting from Giri Sasana  intersection to the second post of Menumbing. It was marked by the Inauguration of the Network and the Electrical Installation to the Menumbing Peak by Vice Governor of Bangka Belitung Archipelago, Abdul Fatah, and Vice Regent of West Bangka, Markus.

In his speech, the Vice Governor said that Menumbing is part of historical tourism which become priority of Bangka Belitung Archipelago province’s development.

"In the RPJMD of Bangka Belitung Archipelago province, it has determined in tourism sector to be a regional priority aspect, since there have a variety of potentials and special attractions in this province that owned by province, as well as natures, histories, culinary, and so on." Said Fatah.

Meanwhile, the Vice Regent Markus delivered the West Bangka Regent’s remark that the West Bangka Regency government expressed the highest gratitude and appreciation to the Bangka Belitung Archipelago province and also to the stakeholders and the parties who involved in assistances of electricity networks and installations to the Menumbing peak.

"The installation of networks and electricals has a long history of plan in the installation of electricity networks itself so that it can be reach the peak and now bring the results as we see today." Markus said.

Markus was also called out the people of West Bangka to protect the historical places in West Bangka. “All parties should have an active role, not only the government but all parties should be actively support the tourism industry in West Bangka based on culture and history, let's  build our beloved regency. "he asked.

The Secretary of West Bangka Regency, Yunan Helmi, said thank to the Bangka Belitung Archipelago province, especially to the Governor, Vice Governor and to all staff and stakeholders who have helped and supported many programs in West Bangka Regency in many sectors, "We hope that in the future there are local, national and international tourism visit in West Bangka could increase rapidly and develop like other regions. "The Secretary said after the Inauguration of the Network and the Electrical Installation.*


Translated by: Muhammad Erfan

Public Relation of West Bangka Regency
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